Saturday, November 21, 2009

Random Stuff

Omg I'm writing this blog because my roommate and my friend want me to so here it goes: it's 2 days before I go home and I am so excited. One more full day of being here and then one test to go and then home!!!!! Last brunch is tomorrow and that's kind of sad but I am excited to actually be able to make my food and eat real food instead of the dining hall food, I mean it's good for school food but you can only have so much grilled cheese and crab. Tonight was great we watched the hangover and it's still funny the 6th time around. As I look around my dorm room it is funny because all 5of the people in the room have their laptops and it's just a really funny sight. I have come to the conclusion that I am going to loft my bed when I get back from winter break. So many people come to our room and hang out anyway it would give us more room. Anyway, I am extremely uncomfortable right now anyone who is in this room at the time will know what I'm talking about.

Peace & Love,