Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Home Stretch

6 days until Winter break!!!!!!! I am so excited to go home, I am ready. I know I will miss it here in Athens, but I am excited to see my family and friends back home. My sisters and I have not seen each other in months and I miss them so much! This week has gone by so fast, it's already almost Wednesday and soon I will be in the car on my way back home for 6 weeks!!! Finals week this week uggghhh, it really isn't too bad though I have 2 finals Thursday, 1 Friday and 1 Monday so it's pretty easy. Glee is back on thank God and this week's episode looks so funny! There's was a guy in 2 of my classes who looked just like Kurt and I was like omg can you be my friend??? Ok so I didn't really say that to him but I was thinking it and you would be too if you saw him. Happy almost winter break everyone!!!

Peace & Love,

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