Tuesday, October 6, 2009

25 days and counting

So in 25 days it will be Halloween. I am so impatient, I just want it to be Halloween because I get to see my friends from home and it's like the greatest holiday ever at OU. I asked my mom to make my costume for me which she has not done in oh about 5 years. It's not that hard though, I just hope she can get the size approx. right to fit me and I won't be at home so it'll be kind of hard. But I think Heather and Johnny will make the cutest Mr. and Mrs. Claus, I really hope they do that and Alex and I finally get to live out our dream roles, not on stage but this is good for now, as Peter Pan and Wendy. I am so excited, we have watched Peter Pan idk how many times and I can't wait to share being those characters with her. I need to brush up on my british accent because I mean come on you can't be Wendy Darling without being British!!! So I will be talking in an accent all night haha I'm excited because I love being British. So I will be counting down the days until Halloween and I'm sure everyone else will too because I am so excited and cannot wait.

Peace & Love,