Sunday, October 4, 2009

Back in Athens

I'm back in Athens once again after a fun weekend at home! Wow it went by fast, it seems like we got home and left. But the band show was fantastic as always and Hudson rocked it as usual. I am so happy I got to see everyone, really it was only Alex cause everyone else I had seen lol but we saw some people from band who were surprised to see us. I also went to school to get my yearbook and talked to my old history and government teachers who were like what are you doing here? haha but yeah I talked to my history teacher for like half an hour about school, he's so much fun haha he still has my senior picture in his desk drawer, which is kinda weird lol but he's cool. Anyway I'm happy to be back in Athens, I missed it a lot more than I expected to actually. Oh and I brought lights for my dorm room and I put them up today!!!! It's so pretty :) Like i feel like I'm in Hawaii when I'm laying in bed lol because i have the pretty lights, my hawaiian poster and like 5 lais haging on the wall. I'll post a picture of it because it really is fantastic haha.

Peace & Love,

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