Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Homecoming Week

It's Homecoming Week!!! Although nothing really exciting goes on during the week here, we are playing Miami of Ohio in football on Saturday and it is a day game so we all won't freeze. I am excited because if and when we win, I can text the score to my sister who went to Miami not long ago. But yes it should be a fun weekend, as will be the next 3 weekends. We are so busy every single weekend! Lineup: This weekend: Homecoming weekend, Next weekend: Parents weekend, Weekend after that: HALLOWEEN!!! I am the most excited for halloween, although Alex cannot come for halloween, I am excited to be a flapper with Katie and I rented a sweet dress that fits me perfectly, I just hope it's not too cold that night!!! But yes Peter Pan and Wendy will have to wait til next year which is ok, I'd rather wait and be Wendy with Alex than anyone else :)

Peace & Love,

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