Friday, October 9, 2009

Birthdays and Bad hookah

Ok so tonight my friends and I went out for our friend Erin's 19th Birthday! We called it an erinversary because it was celebrating how many years erin had been around and we appreciate that she is still alive :) so on this humid, rainy night in Athens what do we do? Well we went to a shiny diner place that we called shiny diner place because we did not know the name of it, but all 6 of us sat down to order. I got a chicken tender salad, and boy was it good. It was big though, I really did not want that much chicken tender and salad together, I think everyone who was there can back me up when I say that those chicken pieces were pretty darn big to be in a salad. Erin got a milkshake and we all took bites of it which was kind of her for sharing!

After dinner, we needed our weekly supply of hookah, so we went to the local hookah place and ordered Rose hookah. It sounded pretty cool so we thought, hey let's try it! It started out great and we were enjoying the rose, but toward the end we all started coughing and our throats were very dry and hurt. Something went wrong with the hookah, I don't know what but I've never had it where it hurt that bad to inhale it before. Glad to know it wasn't only me who felt weird after it.

But yes, our search for a party failed because it was raining and no one was having a party outside, so after searching for a while, we went to Donkey, a local coffee shop and chatted for about an hour or so then we stood in the rain singing lion king/rent/who knows what until we decided what to do. Overall it was a good night I'd say, hopefully next weekend will be a sunny homecoming weekend and we can all have a great dry time :)

Peace & Love,


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